Change Your Financial Behaviour From Zoom To Panoramic View : The Saturday Weekend Review #163

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LET YOUR MIND TAKE THE WHEEL   Changing your financial behaviour to take on a frugal perspective is the first motivational step to help you to achieve your money goals and become rich with freedom from debt. If your financial behaviour consists of creating debt and losing sleep over how you will pay for it then you need a wake-up call and you need it now. Do yourself a favour and wash your face with cold water and look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Today is going to be the day I change the way I view money” and don’t look back. Just as a photographer may pan out to showcase an entire landscape it’s important to view your finances from this perspective. Simply zooming in on one aspect of your debt hoping things will change for the better is not the only solution. Look at your financial house from all angles to successfully carry out a debt reduction plan and build the wealth you dream of. Too many people these days think that money grows on trees with low interest rates enticing us to shop. With the availability of credit it’s easy to get into a vicious […]

Do you know a credit card debt victim? : The Saturday Weekend Review #111

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WILL ANYONE LISTEN?   We all know someone who constantly whines about money and plays the credit card debt victim role yet does nothing about it. Having credit card debt and struggling to pay it off is a stressful place to be for anyone especially if you are already on a tight budget. I certainly wouldn’t want to be that person but I would give up whatever it takes to get out of it, no excuses. One of the main reasons people stay in debt is because they spend more time trying to justify why they can’t get out of debt rather than doing something about it. I know one woman who started cleaning houses on the weekends when the kids were with their father just to get rid of credit card debt she says she created when they split up. Some people might think that I don’t know what it’s like to have limited income or debt so how could I possibly share my thoughts on the topic, but think again. I may not have had credit card debt before but I have had debts in the form of a mortgage, education, vehicle, etc. I even owed my parents […]

I want to be more successful than my father: PF Weekly grab a brew #63

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ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BELIEVE   Sometimes we want to be more successful than others especially if we come from homes where our parents aren’t successful in our eyes. But what does successful really mean? Defining what successful means or even being rich means is an inner belief that will differ from person to person.   Life lessons   When you go to school as a child and see other kids with the latest and greatest toys, gadgets and clothes or boasting about their vacations you wonder why you aren’t either. As a child shopping at second-hand stores when your friends shop at the mall is hard but for many they have no choice. Eventually they will understand that the reason and unless they understand the value of money you may run into resentment. Not all children will turn away on their parents but for the most part if they don’t grasp that you don’t have to spend money to be happy they may try to correlate money with happiness. It’s hard to understand the meaning behind being successful and how hard it is to make something of yourself as an adult or as a parent. I watched […]

St. Patrick’s Day: Mr.CBB’s Custard Coffee Cookie Trifle

Custard Coffee Cookie Trifle

I made this Custard Coffee Cookie Trifle in single serve glasses mainly because I really wanted English custard and because I thought it would be unique to serve as an ending to a good meal. Since today is St. Paddy’s Day I thought I would green up my custard dessert to celebrate the festivities. Tonight we are having green beer (I just add food colouring) as our beverage of choice and on the menu we have crock-pot Beef stew. I may even try my hand at making homemade soda bread which seems easy enough. We do need something to soak up all the fine juices in the stew. I’m not Irish but I am British and both cultures love custard, in fact I grew up with traditional English Custard being a go-to easy dessert recipe for my mum when she wanted custard to add to her cakes , bread pudding or simply having custard and fruit to end a meal. ( I know I was lucky, I admit it) St. Patrick’s Day   “Saint Patrick’s Day or the feast of St.Patrick is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on March 17th to signify the arrival of Christianity in Ireland”. Green is where it’s at […]