Monthly Budgets



I thought I would put together this budget highlights page that shares all of our Monthly Budget Updates over the years in one spot so you can follow along with our progress.

I can safely say from looking at our reports below that using a budget has helped us to become financially free from money stress as we are now debt-free including our mortgage.

Keep in mind these updates have changed considerably since we started posting them in 2012. You will notice in 2015 that there is more data and information regarding where the money went and how much we earned (net) that month.

This is our budget below and you can download it FREE…. if you want to use it!! (I think it’s pretty awesome) In 2014 our budget was downloaded almost 2000 times and our money saving tools close to 6000 times. They are free but it’s up to you what you do with them.


Yeassaey Spreadsheet Screen shot

2016 Monthly Budgets

2015 Monthly Budgets

Budget 2015 Yearly Graph

2015 Year Totals Breakdown

Below you will find our budgets dating back to 2012 if you are interested in reading back.

2012 Monthly Budgets

Unfortunately we didn’t make any pretty charts in 2012 ( I know… how boring) but rest assured for the following years you can see the progress in colour with lots of detail!

2013 Monthly Budgets




2014 Monthly Budgets


December 2014 Year to Date

2014 End of Year total percentages


  1. Hello, I just stumbled across your website today. Looks like there’s a lot of fantastic tools and advice on here! I clicked on the link to download your budget but I got an error page every time. Can you please tell me how I can download it? Thanks!

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