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  1. nickydon40 says:

    Good morning all okay here is the receipe for the perogies as promised. You will need 1 tub or brick of philly cheese and about 3 cups flour. Mix this together until it forms a dough roll out and then pick a round cutter either small or large depending on what size you want. Have at the side of you a tray with a damp towel to put them on and as this will keep them moist for when you come to fill them. Filling I know some people don’t like it but cheese whiz is the best for this you will also need onion and bacon and not forgetting the potatoes. What I do to get the best taste is boil my potatoes and onions together remember to cut them up quite small as this make it easier to combine with the potatoes and cheese whiz. Fry up the bacon until crispy then smash them into little bits or if you want use the real bacon bits either will do. Then combine. Now fill the perogies don’t overfill as you won’t get them closed. Fold over so that its a semi circle then pinch along the sides. Once you have done them all put them in a pan with boiling water, with a little oil and salt. Wait till they float to the top then drain them in cold water to stop the cooking process. I usually do double or triple batches and freeze them. If you are going to use them later you need to toss them in olive oil so that they don’t stick together. Bag and freeze. If you are going to use them straight away have a pan ready with olive oil or pam spray then cook till brown.

    There your own perogies. I usually get around 25 perogies from 1 batch so as I say we normally do loads then freeze them. Hope you enjoy.


  2. nickydon40 says:

    Forgot to say that you need to mash up the potatoes with the onions and add the cheez whizz darn thought I was doing good

  3. Thanks for including my list of Canadian personal finance blogs here on your blogroll Mr. CBB. You’re doing awesome in the voting so far!

  4. Heather Hall says:

    Your 3000 giveaway is a great way to show your fans that you really appreciate their support!

  5. Hi, the link to “best money saving blog” just comes up as not found for me :-(.

  6. Great Site you have here! :)

  7. Thank you so much for placing me on your blog roll! I am beyond honored and flattered :)

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